Sworn interpreter services in Paris and France

Sworn interpreter and translator Paris

Our agency provides services of sworn interpreters in Paris and France for:

  • Signing of notarial documents (marriage contracts, property transactions, etc.)
  • Civil weddings at the City Hall
  • Interpreting during any legal procedures in France

Our sworn English French translators and interpreters work in Paris and throughout France, accompanying foreigners during any legal or administrative proceeding.

Sworn interpreter – for which notarial acts his presence is required?

  • Prenuptial agreement:  In France, when signing the marriage contract at the notary’s office, if one of the future spouses is a foreigner, the presence of a sworn interpreter is mandatory. You will also need a sworn interpreter at your subsequent marriage ceremony at the town hall.
  • Real Estate Transactions: Purchasing or selling property involves intricate legal documentation, and a certified interpreter ensures that all parties comprehend the terms and conditions involved.
  • Estate Planning: Drafting wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents often requires precise understanding, making a sworn interpreter crucial in ensuring accurate communication.
  • Legal Declarations: Signing a power of attorney at a notary in France also requires the presence of a sworn translator.

Sworn interpreter fees for notarial acts and marriages in Paris and France

These rates are provided for English French sworn interpreter services in Paris.

If you are located in another city, the price is calculated on request.

  • Sworn Interpreter to accompany you to the notary for the signing of a real estate transaction: deed of sale, deed of lease : from 420 euros.
  • Sworn interpreter to accompany you to the notary for signing a marriage contract: from 380 euros.
  • Sworn interpreter to accompany you to the consulate or the notary for signing a power of attorney : from 380 euros.
  • Sworn interpreter for signing a PACS (formal civil partnership) : from 380 euros. 
  • Interpreter for a wedding at the Town Hall (Paris and Ile-de-France): from 280 euros.
  • Interpreter for the City Hall submission of documents for marriage : from 280 euros
  • Interpreter for the preliminary hearing (interview) before the wedding at the Town Hall: from 280 euros.

We also offer several Service packages (Bundles), such as Interpreter to the notary for the signing of the marriage contract + Wedding Translator.

We also give discounts to students and young people in search of employment.

Need a sworn interpreter in Paris?

Contact us for an exact quote and to find out about our packages and bundles.

Why it is compulsory to have a certified interpreter present when signing notarial acts in France

If one of the parties does not understand or has a poor understanding of French, the presence of a sworn interpreter is strictly mandatory. If you come to sign the deed without a certified translator, the notary may refuse to sign the deed!
So, in the process of notarizing documents in France, when dealing with foreign individuals, the presence of a certified interpreter becomes paramount.

Нis presence ensures that the foreign party correctly understands all the nuances of the document.

The interpreter, along with the notary and the signing parties, signs that he/she carried out the translation during the signing of the deed.

Note that you cannot come to the signing of the notarial document with an ordinary, non-sworn translator or just a fluently speaking french person !  

Notaries strictly insist on the presence of a sworn interpreter certified by the French Court of Appeal.

Upholding legal integrity

As foreign individuals navigate the process of signing notary documents in France, the certified interpreter stands as a guardian of accurate interpretation, contributing this way to the protection of the rights of all parties involved.

The role of a certified interpreter extends beyond language facilitation; it contributes to upholding the legal integrity of the entire process.

By ensuring that all parties fully understand the implications of the documents they are signing, the interpreter safeguards the legal rights and responsibilities of each participant, fostering a fair and just legal environment.

Agency address and contact details

Marina Yulis Traduction, Interpreting and translation agency
14, avenue de l’Opera, PARIS 75001, FRANCE
Phone, whats app : + 33 6 18 76 06 18
Mail : office@translator-paris.com
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 8h30 – 20h30

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