English Spanish Phone Interpreters – Over the Phone Interpreting Services

Phone Interpreter - Over the Phone Interpreting Services
Over the Phone interpreters : at your disposal wherever you are!

Over the phone interpreting services: fast and low-cost

Need a Spanish Interpreter immediately?

The fastest way to have interpreting assistance is by phone. Contact us for your interpreting needs any time of the day, wherever you are : we’ll answer you immediately!

Our more than 40 Spanish telephone interpreters are ready to come to your aid to resolve any issue, professional or personal, over the phone or via video-conference interpreting.  

Call us for any telephone interpreting request, we answer immediatly:

What is the price of telephone interpreting from English to Spanish?

The rate for telephone translation is determined by the subject of your call.

General conversation, such as an appeal to an insurance company – from $ 2 per minute

Interpreting of a conversation with a lawyer or notary – from $3 per minute

Medical phone interpreting services – from $3 per minute

In some cases per minute billing is possible, but in a number of cases there is a minimum charge of 30 minutes of phone conversation interpreting.

To get an exact estimate of the cost of telephone translation to Spanish in your case, contact us via the contact form and we will send you a detailed estimate.

Order Over the Phone Interpreting services : How it works, step by Step

Over the Phone Interpreting has never been as easy as it is with us !

No need to register online, no need to create a personal account, no need to pay in advance… Just call us and we connect you with an interpreter! Payment is per minute and is done upon invoice after the end of your phone call.

See below for our step by step process:

Step 1 : Call us :

<a href="tel:+33618760618 ">+33618760618 </a>
  • or contact us via the Chat, let us know the type of interpreter you need : Medical, legal, technical or other, and when do you plan a call
  • Step 2 : We’ll connect you to an interpreter available for the date and time you need. We have more than 40 Spanish interpreters working with us, so even a super urgent request will be granted
  • Step 3 : You call your interlocutor, our interpreter joins your conversation or video-conference using the triple conference call
  • Step 4 : After the end of the call, our interpreter will send you a per-minute invoice. You can pay the invoice in any way you like: bank transfer, Paypal, transferwise.

English Spanish Phone Interpreting : types of Remote Interpreting (OPI) we can handle

  • Phone interpreting
  • Web video conference interpreting
  • Online events interpreting

Our Spanish Interpreters and their areas of expertise

Our over 40 Spanish interpreters work all over the world, although the majority of our Spanish to English telephone interpreting orders come from the USA.

All of our interpreters have a linguistic degree and at least 5 years of interpreting experience.

They specialise in core areas such as law, finance, medicine, commerce, and technical interpretation.

They perform interpreting services on behalf of public and private companies, banks, medical institutions, airlines, and factories.

Our telephone interpreters also help private individuals: when travelling to Spanish-speaking countries for business or personal reasons, it is often necessary to translate a telephone conversation with an insurance company, a car rental company, a doctor or a lawyer. 

In any urgent situation, we guarantee instant access to Spanish to English telephone translation services!

Confidentiality of your conversation

You can rest assured that your telephone conversation will remain strictly confidential.

In addition to the internal confidentiality agreement that all Marina Yulis Traduction interpreters have signed, each interpreter is willing to sign an additional confidentiality agreement with you or your company.

Advantages  of working with us

  • No registration : There is no sign-up procedure, no website registration, no user profile creation. We dont loose any second of your time! You simply call us and we put you in touch with the appropriate interpreter: it’s as simple as that
  • Support 24/7 : 7 days support for any issue
  • Low cost : Our phone interpretation fee is from $ 2.00 to $3.00 a minute and you can talk for as long as you need
  • Certification : Our English Spanish interpreters are certified by state and federal organizations. Our legal interpreters have the status of a sworn interpreters assigned by the appeal court
  • Google 5 stars  Raiting : As for the evaluation of our work by Google users, we are proud of our 5 star rating (20 ratings) in google maps service
  • Skills : Highly professional interpreting skills – our interpreters have a pleasant manner of communication and follow a strict code of behaviour with the client. Any partiality is excluded – the interpreter strictly observes neutrality when translating a phone conversation of any content

Telephone interpreting: instant service from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world, wherever you are

Our English to Spanish telephone interpreters are based in the following locations:

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Mexico City
  • London
  • Paris
  • Toronto
  • Sydney

And other major cities in America and Europe, but we handle your calls and video conference  from anywhere in the world!

Call us for an immediat quote for any OPI (Over the Phone Interpreting) request :

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