Wedding interpreter – book an English French translator for your wedding in France

Are you planning a wedding ceremony in Paris or other city in France?
If you’re not a fluent french speaker, the law requires you to hire a translator for your civil wedding in the City Hall.
Our translation agency in Paris is the specialist of wedding interpreting services for civil ceremonies.

Wedding translator services for wedding in Paris and France
Wedding in Paris – always a good idea. But don’t forget to book an interpreter!

In this article we share some tips:

  • How to choose a professional translator for your wedding?
  • What are the rates of a wedding interpreter in France?
  • Sworn translator or not – what requirements are imposed by the city halls?

Wedding interpreter rates for Paris and France

This is a general idea of the rates applied in France by freelance English French translators in 2022:

  • Sworn wedding translator rate: from 200 to 250 euros per civil ceremony
  • Non-sworn wedding translator rate: from 100 to 180 euros per civil ceremony.

Some Paris and other cities town halls will strictly require you to be accompanied by a sworn interpreter ( certified by the Court of Appeal of their region). These specialists charge more than their non-sworn colleagues.In this case, the cost of a translator for your wedding will be between 200 and 250 euros, depending on the number of sworn interpreters in the region you choose for the ceremony and their pricing policy.

If the town hall accepts a non-sworn interpreter, the fee will be between 100 and 180 euros per wedding (plus any travel expenses for the translator, if necessary).

Whether you need a sworn translator or a “regular” one, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote, adapted to your objectives and your budget!

Wedding translator – where to find and how to choose?

The role of the translator during your wedding will be short (the interpreter’s intervention rarely exceeds one hour), but crucial.

Everything that is said during the marriage ceremony (by the mayor, the witnesses, the families, the bride and groom) must be exactly translated into the language of the foreign fiancé/fiancée.
Before approving the translator’s application, ask him/her if he/she is comfortable in front of an audience and if he/she is used to translating official speeches during weddings. Asking for some references would not be a bad idea. Imagine your wedding going to pieces because of an interpreter who turns out to be uncomfortable in public, that would be more than a pity!

After the ceremony, the interpreter usually stays for a while to help the bride and groom’s families to communicate with each other. Therefore, choose a translator with a good human touch, a nice and friendly communicator, so that the conversation between the two families goes as smoothly as possible.

To be sure you find the right person for such an important event, your can visit our Agency’s Homepage and see the photos and the brief descriptions of our wedding thanslators in different cities of France.

Sworn translator or not : is there an obligation for the wedding interpreter to be sworn, and what are the other requirements?

It is up to the city hall to decide whether you should be accompanied by a sworn interpreter for your international marriage, or whether a non-sworn interpreter, who is fluent in English and French, will be sufficient for the smooth running of the ceremony.

Requirements of the town halls in Paris and in France regarding the translator for the civil ceremonies

Most town halls in the Paris area and in France accept non-sworn translators. The only requirements for a wedding translator are usually the following:

  • The translator does not have to be a member of the family of the bride/groom (but you just have to stipulate this in writing to the town hall, no proof required)
  • The interpreter has to attest that he speaks the languages involved, so a good knowledge of English and French is mandatory

Sworn or not sworn – that is the question

In general, in 2022 fewer and fewer municipalities strictly require the translator who participates in the wedding ceremony to be sworn. The French capital’s Town halls (there are 20 of them, one for every Paris district) are generally willing to accept the services of an “ordinary” interpreter. That is very good for your wallet, taking into account the sworn translators rates and the difficulty of finding one. If you opt for the sworn option, book an interpreter 3 months in advance, almost before you decide to get married… we strongly advise you to do so, a lack of such specialists in Paris is significant!

Bonus from your wedding interpreter in Paris:
Need some good ideas of places for wedding in France?

It’s hard to say in which region of France your wedding will be the most memorable and filled with the most vibrant colours and experiences:

  • The lavender fields of Provence?
  • The charming yacht ports of Nice or Monaco?
  • Or maybe would you choose one of the most picturesque castles in the Loire for your wedding photos?
  • Or the ancient squares of Lyon?
  • Or the alpine views of Annecy or Chambery…
  • The ocean panorama of Biarritz…
  • Or maybe your wedding will be against a backdrop of almost alien cliffs in Normandy…
  • Or maybe you want a wedding to be remembered forever, in one of Bordeaux’s wine domains?

Whichever region of France you choose for your marriage, be sure that our English, Spanish and Russian wedding interpreters will provide the perfect translation during your ceremony!

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