Over the Phone Interpreting Services : English to French telephone interpreting

Phone French Interpreter
Our more than 40 French English Interpreters – at your disposal !

Telephone interpreting from English to French – what are the advantages ?

Our agency provides you with more than 40 telephone French interpreters, natif French speakers, ready to help your business 24/7!

Telephone interpreting is a fast, convenient and cost-effective alternative to face-to-face interpreting. Our French interpreter will connect to your conference call and translate your conversation in real time.

Telephone interpreting has two major advantages over face-face-translation:

  • You can hire the phone interpreter at the last minute, even 5 minutes before the conference call starts
  • Telephone interpreting is much more cheaper than in-person one, because the phone interpreting сan be charged with per-minute-rate, and generally no minimum charge is applied.

How Does our Phone Interpreting Service Work, Step by Step.

At Marina Yulis Traduction, the way our telephone interpreter service works is simple and convenient.

Step 1

When you need a telephone conversation translated, you simply call us + 33 6 18 76 06 18 or contact us via the Chat and tell us what language you need.

Step 2

Within minutes, we’ll send you a detailed estimate for OPI’s (Over-the-Phone-Interpreting) services, with the price per minute of the call

Step 3

You accept the estimate.

Step 4

We connect you with an interpreter who has experience in your specific business area, whether it be medical, legal, industrial, financial, and other fields.

Phone Interpreter Needed Urgently ? We can do that !

Even if you have a last minute enquiry, we’re fine with that: we’ll be sure to find an available interpreter, even if your conference call starts in just a few minutes.

As far as English to French telephone translation is concerned – it is in this pair of languages that we are the market leaders in telephone translation. Based in Paris (France), our agency brings together over 40 English to French telephone interpreters, experts in various business topics. All of these translation professionals are native speakers of French, and some of them are bilingual English French.

How Much Does English to French Phone Interpreting Cost?

The cost depends on the topic of your conference call.

For example, our rate for legal telephone interpreting starts from $3 per minute.

Business meeting phone interpreting with French partners – from $3 per minute.

Medical over the phone interpreting costs from $2.5 per minute.

General conversation phone interpreting from English to French – from $2 per minute.

In some cases, telephone translation is charged by minute, but in certain cases we apply a minimum charge per 30 minutes.

Do You Need to Hire a French Over the Phone Interpreter?

Do you have an urgent call you need translating from English to French in real-time?

Or are you looking for the best rates for French interpreters for your companies conference calls?

In both cases, you are in the right place.

We are a translation agency offering the best rates for telephone and video interpreting services in France.

For urgent, 24/7 phone interpreter support, call us +33 6 18 76 06 18. Alternatively, contact us by clicking here, we answer all quiries within 5 to 10 minutes.

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