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English to French Interpreter in Paris, France 

     Professional English to French interpreters in France : 

  • Simultaneous interpreting (conference interpreter in France)
  • Consecutive interpreting 
  • In-person interpreting 
  • Over-the-phone English to French interpretation (OPI) 

Exhibiting at a trade show? 

Hire bilingual English to French interpreters in Paris for your booth: our network of more than 40 freelance interpreters in Paris is at your disposal.

Our English French interpreters  - for your perfect communication at trade fairs in Paris and all over France!

Our interpreters in Paris, France - fields of specialisation   

Whether you need an English to French interpreter for a trade fair, conference, seminar, plant inspection or meeting , we can provide you with a team of the best in-staff or freelance English to French interpreters in France : pharmaceutical, medical, legal, etc.   

Each of our interpreters specialises in a different field, the main ones being finance, law, pharmaceuticals, technology, building, engineering and IT.   

Contact us to hire an English to French interpreter  in France for a trade show or conference, or any other type of event: fashion, sport, culture, politics, education or technology.   

We provide both sworn interpreting and regular interpreting services. Our sworn interpreters in Paris are licenced by the Court of Appeal for translation to the police and in any official proceedings. 

We can also provide you an official interpreter for a wedding at a town hall in Paris and any other city of France.


Interpreting services and rates 


English to French interpreter Paris, Fr for a trade show or meeting