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Police interpreter in Paris – English French court and legal Interpreter   

You're in Paris and you need ​ to report a theft or other incident to the police

Our police interpreters in France will come to your rescue 24/7 and help you to make a statement / file a police report. 

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Police Interpreting services in Paris 

Contacting the police/ reporting a theft in France : do I need to hire a police interpreter? 

Please note that in France, if a foreign person seeks police assistance, to make a statement / report the theft, a certified interpreter (also called court, legal or police interpreter) is required

Our police interpreter will accompany you to the police station and insure English French translation for making a statement and report filing. 

Our legal English French interpreters are certified by the Court of Appeal in France and are authorised to translate at all stages of your interaction with the police, attorneys,  court and so on.


How to file the police report in Paris / France with a police interpreter: step by step 

1. You must hire a certified face-to-face interpreter (sworn or Court interpreter)  to accompany you. Our interpreters are available 24 / 7, just write us a mail for a quote.     

2. ​Accompanied by the police interpreter, you must go to the police station in person. It does not matter in which city the offence occurred, you can report in Paris and in any city in France.  Online statement is not available in France, there is only online pre-statement option.   

3. At the reception desk of the police station, the interpreter will help you to explain a brief summary of the crime or incident, after which you will wait to be received by the Police Officer     

4. After a short wait at the reception, the Police Officer will invite you to his office and you will d escribe the incident in detail. At this point, the role of the interpreter accompanying you is important, as he or she will help you to accurately convey all the details by translating the story of your accident into French.     

5. Helped by the interpreter, you will read and sign your statement (it will be in French) and receive a copy of it. You're done. From the time you arrive at the police station to the time you leave, it usually takes between 1 and 2 hours to file a report, depending on the seriousness of the offence.

Making a statement /reporting a theft or accident to the police in Paris / France : your questions 

Can I make a statement/file a police report online ? 

  • You can make a pre-statement on the Service-Public.fr website, but you will still need to go to the police to complete the report filing procedure.

In France, can I make a statement to the police in English?  

  • In some cases, the police station will provide you with a sworn interpreter. But in most cases (especially when you have to report your accident urgently), the French police will not provide interpreting services neither accept your statement in English, so it is better for you to hire a face to face interpreter in advance.

How much does it cost to hire a face-to-face interpreter in Paris, to make a statement to the police? 

  • The hourly rate for face to face interpreter services in Paris ranges from €60 to €90 per hour. 
  • The rate for a court interpreter services in Paris for half a day's work will be around €350 -  400. 
  • Usually a certified interpreter accompaniment to the police is invoiced at a half day rate, meaning you have to be ready to pay police interpreting services around 350 euros.

How to get the English translation of my police report / statement  ? 

  • If you need an English version of the police report for your insurance or other purposes, be aware that French commissariats usually only give victims a report in French.
    But don't worry, our certified translator in Paris will translate the protocol of your statement within 24 hours. This English translation will contain the sworn translator's signature and seal. You can use this English version of your statement report for your insurance company. 

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